The 2020 Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

Happy Holidays, fellow beer drinkers! It’s been a long year (biggest understatement of the century), so we deserve to kick back and drink a delicious craft beer this holiday season. Since we haven’t been able to connect in person with our families and friends, let’s savor the hunt for the perfect beer-themed gift. And we’ve got you covered– from stocking stuffers to the gift sure to blow their socks off. Whether your shopping list is full of craft beer newbies or connoisseurs, The Beer Travel Guide’s 2020 gift guide for beer lovers has something for everyone and for every budget! So without further ado…



Beer Travel Guide Pint Glass

The Beer Travel Guide pint glass is a favorite in our home. Its classic design makes it the perfect vessel for your next craft beer– and buying one is a great way to support a small business (ours!). Gift it with a can of a local hazy IPA to complete the gift. 10/10– can’t recommend enough! ($14)


Shirts on Tap Gift Card

Russell loves receiving a custom brewery shirt each month (and all the special coupons and stickers!). Your Shirts on Tap subscription is completely customizable – choose the city (Denver! San Diego! Chicago! and more!) and the style (t-shirt, tank, long sleeve, baseball tee, or hoodie, depending on the season). You’ll get a shirt every month that you’ll wear for years– and if you order using our link, you can get a FREE “Drink Local Craft Beer” t-shirt– two for the price of one! ($25-$250) (affiliate link)



We aren’t patient people. After making a beer run, we want to enjoy the fruits of our labor as quickly as possible, which sometimes means drinking either not-quite-cold-enough beer or popping the open can back in the freezer (neither ideal). So we were thrilled to find this gadget to instantly chill our beer! Our minds are still blown this gadget exists. ($36) (photo courtesy of Food52)


Tavour Sample Mix Beer Gift Box

This gift box contains 3-6 independently brewed craft beers, from IPAs to saisons to imperial stouts. The best part is that every box is unique, depending on what beer is freshest. It’s the perfect fit for the craft beer newbie and the expert beer enthusiast alike! Plus, free shipping! ($35) (photo courtesy of Tavour)


Beer Travel Guide Tote Bag

We can’t count the number of times we’ve struggled leaving a brewery with arms full of cans (it’s a good problem to have). We now keep this tote in the car for all emergency can hauls. Consider using this tote for carrying beer, for wrapping another fantastic item on this list in an eco-friendly way… and for supporting our business. 🙂 ($12)


Heavyweight Ergonomic Stainless Steel Corkscrew

This seems basic, but a good can opener/corkscrew is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s also the perfect kitchen gadget, and one we, admittedly, reach for nearly every day. We love how comfortable the grip is, and the stainless steel means it will last forever. ($26) (photo courtesy of Food52)


Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People

For the new parent and the 30-something beer lover, this parody children’s book is hysterical and is sure to bring the whole family together. You might even learn a thing or two about the brewing process! ($13 on Amazon, but please consider ordering from your local bookstore! We love Eso Won Books in Los Angeles.) (photo courtesy of Amazon)


Extreme Beer Fest Cyberspace Package

We’ve been to Extreme Beer Fest in both Los Angeles and Boston, so we were super pumped to purchase this Cyberspace Package, so we can still enjoy the Fest even during COVID. The list of participating breweries this year is impressive, and we’re excited to join the virtual tasting sessions in February. Hope to see you all there! ($110) (photo courtesy of Extreme Beer Fest)


Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1

We wanted to upgrade our college koozie collection (which must mean we’re officially adults), and this 3-in-1 can-cooler covers all our beer drinking needs. It fits 12 ounce *and* 16 ounce cans, and it even turns into a 16 ounce pint glass! Perfect for on-the-go adventures like camping! ($25-30) (photo courtesy of Brumate)


HoppedLa 2020 LA Brewers Shirt

This is one of our favorite shirts to receive every year – the design is spectacular, the shirt is soft and comfortable, and it’s the perfect way to support a small business dedicated to promoting local craft beer. We love our friends at HoppedLA, and we love promoting all of our favorite LA breweries! ($30) (photo courtesy of HoppedLA)


Structured Nylon & Leather Travel Coolers

It’s been a tough year for brewery travel, but one of the very few upsides of the many closures and health concerns? We’ve ended up making more can hauls than ever. This travel cooler is water resistant and sturdy, making it the perfect road trip companion to ensure our cans stay chilled until we reach our destination. ($40) (photo courtesy of Food52)


Growl’r Gift Set

Another fantastic gift for your beer and travel loving friend or relative. This growler is triple-insulated and includes two pint glasses. Perfect for picking up a growler at your favorite local brewery– take it on a camping trip or for an outdoor drinking session with your socially distanced friends! ($85) (photo courtesy of Brumate)


NewAir Beer Fridge

After consistently filling up the entire bottom shelf of fridge with beer cans, we knew we needed to make a change. Enter the NewAir 126-can beverage fridge. Its slick design and customizable storage make it the perfect fit for our beer-hoarding tendencies. We’ve had this exact fridge for over two years, and it’s working as well now as it was the day we got it. ($239)


Beer Geek Gift Pack

This incredible gift pack includes 12 craft brews sure to impress even the snobbiest of beer drinkers. It includes great ales from some of our favorite breweries like Other Half, 3 Floyds, and El Segundo Brewing. When we first started talking about putting together a Gift Guide, this was Russell’s *first* suggestion. ($125) (photo courtesy of Half Time)


Unique Pretzels

This gift needs no explanation. The good people at Unique Pretzels make the best pretzels in the world, and a bag of pretzels is the ideal companion to basically any beer. We prefer the extra dark Splits– we introduced these to our family, and now they’re all hooked, so we know you will be too! ($27 for six bags)

A final plug to please also consider picking up cans or growlers from your favorite local craft brewery for your holiday festivities — a fresh hoppy IPA pairs well with a bowl of Christmas Eve chili, and a toasty stout perfectly complements a Hannukah brisket. As an alternative, purchase gift cards so your favorite craft beer lover can pick out their own four-packs or merch!


Let us know in the comments — what beer-related gifts are you gifting this year? What beer-themed gifts are you hoping to receive? Emily is hoping for some fresh Cellador bottles, and Russell has his fingers crossed for another beer fridge (Emily has already vetoed that).